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About Us

Concept Logistics is a smart, growing company dedicated to winning you over with real personalized service.

Our vision is clear, our business plan sound and our management team focused.

We have adpoted the motto: “Our goal is to help you reach yours”. You will see that is our true intention through our more consultative approach to understanding your business and needs. We have also modified our approach to better align ourselves with our new offering and goals. This allows us to become a Single-Source Partner by providing Full Management capabilities and becoming your outsourced transportation department. The new system will give you real visibility and access to your shipments and data with an Expedia-like experience for your LTL needs.

With trust Concept Logistics is building to become one of the leaders in transportation logistics and technology solutions. Our strategically aligned value structure creates the flexibility necessary to adjust when required and the reliability in our service to help you work "on" your buisiness. While your team at Concept Logistics  takes care of all your transporation needs. 

We value our people as our greatest assets. We are committed to giving them the tools necessary, including customer driven technology, to provide the highest level of customer attention in the transportation logistics industry. We thank all of you for allowing us to work with and for you over the years. We wouldn’t be in a position to re-invest in ourselves and our clients if it wasn’t for your trust in us.

Let Concept Logistics help you succeed.